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Full Service Public Warehouse


Louisville Facility

The Louisville facility

  • Includes 650,000 square feet of fully sprinkled warehouse space.

  • It is served by 70 dock doors

  • Including a percentage of conditioned storage space

  • It sits on 58 prime acres, conveniently near the interstates, between the airport and downtown Louisville.   We are the largest warehouse facility near downtown. 

  • It is fully capitalized and has an experienced team capable of converting our 12 acres of vacant land into 400,000sf of modern warehouses within 12 months for customers desiring a larger, customized solution.

  •  It is fully served by the Louisville and Paducah Railroad, which feeds from all major railways. The business has a capacity of sixty railcars.

  • Can handle all forms of transload, both off and onto rail cars, out of and into containers, and in and out of local transport trucks.  Current rail business includes building materials, landscape, and hardscape materials, lumber, steel, food, and beverage, including wine and distilled spirits.

  • Maintains security systems, including video surveillance of the property and grounds and an electronic security and fire monitoring station providing twenty-four-hour protection. 

  • The site is staffed around the clock.

  • Employes a seasoned, stable, dedicated workforce who are ALL employees of Louisville Seventh, not temporary workers.   


At Louisville Seventh 3PL, we take pride in our state-of-the-art facilities. Our warehouses have the latest technology and security measures to keep your inventory safe and secure.

Stable Work Force

Louisville Seventh 3PL believes higher quality can be achieved through a stable and permanent workforce. We maintain this workforce by paying industry-comparable wages and an attractive benefits package. Louisville Seventh 3PL has developed a level of employee stability unmatched in the industry.

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