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Our Story

In May of 1984, Parker Tobacco Company, a family-owned business founded in 1932, purchased the 1 million square foot complex, formerly owned, and operated by Brown & Williamson Tobacco Company, to store its processed tobacco.  


In 1985, due to the changing nature of the tobacco industry, Parker Tobacco Company's corporate strategy refocused on diversifying the warehouse complex from single-use to multi-customer.  Also, in 1985, the Parkers were awarded Louisville's U.S. Customs Examination Station, giving them bonded warehouse capability.  This bonded warehouse continues operating today, enjoying an excellent track record and reputation with U.S. Customs.  

Louisville Seventh 3PL purchased all the assets of Parker Commercial Storage & Distribution in 2022 and the business became part of the more significant nationwide holdings, which now include over 3 million square feet of Public Warehousing operations in Texas, Kansas, Idaho, and Nevada, and access to warehouse space in 23 states as a part of the holdings of Industrial Realty Group, LLC.  Capabilities of the larger company include freezer, cooler and dry storage, food grade storage and distribution, conditioned storage, rail transloading, vehicle and boat storage, and outside storage of all types.  

Our Goal

Our Public Warehousing businesses strive to take care of all our customers’ storage and distribution needs so that they can pay attention to THEIR core competencies.   In Amarillo, for instance, we handle the highest-grade pet foods imaginable so that our customer can apply its resources to pet food sciences and developing the best products.  Similarly, our distillery customers in Louisville don’t need to apply key resources to storage and distribution issues.  

We handle all of that.

To do this, Louisville Seventh 3PL strives to provide our clients with the most efficient and cost-effective storage and distribution solutions which meet THEIR REQUIREMENTS. We understand that every business has unique needs, and we are committed to working with our clients to create customized solutions. We believe in ERROR FREE WORK and in BUILDING STRONG RELATIONSHIPS.  We have the ability to allow you to see your inventory in our warehouses as if it were right there on your own property.  We take the responsibility off your staff so you can focus on your product.

Most of our nationwide business is the result of organic growth, where we’ve proven ourselves to one division of a company to service others.  Where we’ve begun our business relationship managing finished goods, we now manage raw materials, packing materials, finished goods, as well as inventories of our original customers suppliers and their customers. 

Our growth has been through proving our service capacity, capability and ERROR FREE WORK.

About Us


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